The Angry Men

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The Angry Men
The angry men swarmed across the Earth,
Cawing with their fractious voices,
Driven by their untamed hearts,
Lustful in their greedy nature,
Filled with perfidious self-doubts,
Friends with fulsome fear.

The angry men ignore Earth’s grace,
Sucking the lands dry,
Seizing their false birthright,
Wealth their unholy credo,
Filled with well disguised grief,
Friends with blood-sucking despair.

The angry men born of pained birth,
Slapped with welcoming rough hand,
Conceived in a fit of poisoned rage,
Inherited complicit guilt,
Filled with dark pools of sadness,
Friends with midnight terror.

© David R. Durham
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One thought on “The Angry Men

    rubytheblacklabrador said:
    June 5, 2013 at 5:12 am

    Wow – when I read this it reminded me of an inscription on a pavillion in the park where I live. It reads ‘Mammon or Millennial Eden’ and basically poses the question as to whether Australia will be exploited or treasured for the future. Currently it’s the former. If you’re interested see:

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