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Lady in Blue Sq

Flickering movies on mind’s eye,
Some sprinkled with fear,
Some bubbling with joy.

Are you living through memory?
To make sense of these words,
To make sense of your world.

Bold, brave biographies,
Re-told to suit your pleasures,
Re-told to avoid your pains.

Built moment by moment,
Your past lives your present,
Your ancestors breathing.

Woven tributaries flow and blend,
Deep run your memories,
Deep lies your humanity.

Miraculous communal tapestry,
Of earth, sky and soul,
Of blood-lines, kin folk and tribes.

© David R. Durham

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One thought on “Remembrance

    Explicit poem ,deep thoughts to face reality and enjoy life,and be kind to the others.Thank you for liking my recent post(A study in Arab Mentality) Have a joyful day.jalal

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