Retreat Photos

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue
Chopping Firewood
Gate Posts
Old Gate Posts
Prayer Flags
Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags
River View
River Dart
River View 2
River Dart
Tree Bark
Tree Bark

© David R. Durham

These photographs were taken during my November, 2013 meditation retreat at ‘The Barn’ in Devon, England.

Their retreats are a great balance of meditation, mindfulness practice and community, all set in some beautiful English countryside.

Their Link: The-Barn-Retreat

Technical Stuff:
Camera: Pentax 30N.
Film: Ilford HP5+, ISO 400, 35mm.
Editing Software: Silver Efex Pro.

5 thoughts on “Retreat Photos

  1. How extraordinary your “black & white” shots are! I would love to go to England anyhow just to see the history of it all and so much more. I will share this with my readers on

    I am glad you liked my recent post based on a quote by Marcus Arelius.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      1. That is very generous of your warm invitation. When a nice amount of time and money exist at the same time, then I would love to visit England. There is an engineer who is interested in me and lives there, but am not sure how genuine he is yet.
        I have been through my share of scammers and want to possibly have him fly to CA. If he really does travel all over the world as a civil engineer building bridges etc, he can come meet me.

        Your words are incredible and moving.
        You should compile a book of your poetry and photos. People would buy it.
        I would buy your book.
        I am two books now that I add to every day and due to a photographer/writer friend telling me about the site, I am probably going to use
        I hope the advice I have given you takes you on a new path that will expand your work and pad your wallet too. 🙂


        1. Thank you for your advice. I will be creating a compilation of poems, which hopefully people will be interested in buying. The plan is to have it ready for the 1st anniversary of my blog. I’ve been looking at self-publishing via, and I’ll check out as well.

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