Old Horses

Old Horses The stable door ajar, straw bedded down, The old horse left a brief note saying; “Gone t’d pub old chap, back before you know”. Tess, our dependable collie sheep dog, Now lounging in her sun warmed corner, She dreamed eons and eons, were rolling by. Big hooves clatter across the outside yard, CatsContinue reading “Old Horses”


Markets Down in the market where life runs free, Where daily stories are shared, And there is lots of stuff to see. Exotic looking fruits to smell and to try, Stacked high on rough work-man’s tables, Laid out under a clear blue mountain sky. Men with packed trolleys weave and bob, Their job not doneContinue reading “Markets”


Fireworks All the fireworks sparkled and crackled, And the neon lights rippled and shone, As people sauntered, shopped and surveyed, Some walked hand in hand. All their frowns and their glowing smiles, And their hopes and unquiet desires, As their animated chatter splashed and gurgled, Some felt alive as seldom before. All gifts wrapped withContinue reading “Fireworks”


Jabber Jabber Welcome to the world of the monkey mind, Which never stops jabbering ’till the end of time, The news man jabbers and the DJ jabbers and jabbers and jabbers. Love talks, money talks, pep talks, ain’t it time we had a talk, The lyrics are sweet, the lyrics are sad, The lyrics remindContinue reading “JabberJabber”


Attachment Navigating life’s unfolding flow, Caught up in happy gifts of memories, Weighed down by past regret and sadness, Sweet sticky, foulest sticky moments, Bold hope now races ahead childlike, Merciless fear dogs our sleepless night terrors, All happening where? Happening to who? © David R. Durham