Mystery Lost, lost in the Mystery, Neither known, nor unknown, Invoking long sought secrets. Bliss, mysterious bliss of life, Neither living, nor dying, Humbling our mindful awareness. Chants, sacred chants arise, Neither memorable, nor forgettable, Guiding, tempting, revealing. Light, mystical light infuses, Neither luminous, nor dim, Enveloping and blessing us all. © David R. Durham


Bird Song A light dust hovers round chanting hoe, Warm earth, strong hand and eye, furrowed Brow; deep concentration. Evening Sunlit haze, thrushes’ song brushes past Engrossed mind, hearts intertwining, Spirit to spirit, sweetest union. © David R. Durham


Desires Did you move because of it? Did you get up and leave your Welcome bed? Your hearth so warm, Your lover so near and dear. Did it tempt you again with sweet Promises of tomorrow? Tomorrow so new, so bright, Seducing your heart and sight. Did you know, did you know the Fair priceContinue reading “Desires”