Reminders Sea rolling, sweeping, flowing, bubbling onto a pebbled beach; You remind me of my forgotten journeys. Penetrating light moving down a corridor of brick archways; You remind me of a forgotten life-style. Black and white images of faces in a winter’s landscape; You remind me of long lost loves. The felt sense of myContinue reading “Reminders”

Holy Words

Holy Words When sublime words fell from the sky, free to Those who would listen, a few looked at Each other in wonder, some felt a tingling Fear trickle down their stooped spines, many more, Intoxicated by their new human Sensations, never heard anything at all. Pitter patter as rain, holy words fall from TheContinue reading “Holy Words”

Gift Wrapped

Gift Wrapped What is this fate which breaks the will of men? That insidious grim stealer of magic and dreams, Unyielding face with gritty voice, black cloak. What caricatures of men live a lie? That all can survive, and some may live large, In deep worn trances, rich in rhythmic chants. What concerns for other’sContinue reading “Gift Wrapped”

Endless Play

Endless Play Caught in the moment, Caught on the camera. We love when we dance, We smile when we play, At times we’re feeling down, Then we’re feeling up again, So life goes around in an endless play. Ambushed in the shopping mall, Ambushed at a party. We smile when we dance, We love whenContinue reading “Endless Play”