The Beast

The Beast The Beast sighs, Menacing deep snarl. Fear ripples through sinewed Taught jaw and clenched teeth. Inhibited anger emerges, twists, cries out, Out of reason’s insane shadow. See, whispers the Beast, No more illusions. All is God. © David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

Holy Words

Holy Words When sublime words fell from the sky, free to Those who would listen, a few looked at Each other in wonder, some felt a tingling Fear trickle down their stooped spines, many more, Intoxicated by their new human Sensations, never heard anything at all. Pitter patter as rain, holy words fall from TheContinue reading “Holy Words”


Echoes of Somewhere Somewhere there is a beating human heart, Human heart, human heart; Somewhere there is a heart that is singing, Is singing, is singing; Somewhere there is our dearest lover, Dearest lover, dearest lover; Somewhere there is the warmest of smiles greeting us, Greeting us, greeting us; Somewhere there is our human life,Continue reading “Echoes”