Dream Time

Dream Time Softly chanted incantations in candle lit darkness, Your compassionate gaze fills our hearts, Time ticks another round, scribbling another score, Fond memories arise of love songs we’ve lived, Whilst the dogs of unsung songs bay our hearts. Sweet incense swirls, upward and fleeting, What others’ pleasing stories have our lives told, What dreamsContinue reading “Dream Time”


Fallen O’ beautiful death release me, From winters so long and so cold. My skeleton lies naked and fragile. O’ beautiful decay reinvent me, So I may live again, bright and bold. My flesh is a feast soft and vulnerable. O’ beautiful spirit’s new adventure, In flowing growth born from the old. My body arisesContinue reading “Fallen”


Thunder Riot and footfall dance to that beat, Earth’s stage set where hearts can meet. Ancestral lands invoke your dream-time chant, Rise and fall ’till your breath is scant. In your belly and your thighs rips a youthful tide, Rhythms pick up and your stride’s so wide. Words too frail fade away forgotten and spent,Continue reading “Thunder”


And The Tears, They Flow. Beauty’s kiss, her joy-filled embrace, Moonlight silvered raven hair, Beauty’s reckless, carefree poise, She yields under heaven’s spell; And the tears, they flow. Cold truth scavenges childhood memories, Scorching time’s forward march, Cold truth scrambles delicate feelings, She humbles dog-eared certainty; And the tears, they flow. Grace revealed in herContinue reading “Tears”