Wheat Fields

Wheat Fields Wind rolls through ripened wheat fields, Weaving and flowing, natural dance, Children’s shouts echo as they run, run And play, dogs barking at startled Wild rabbits running for new cover, Red combine harvesters revving, Warm summer’s fragrance fills the air, Dust gathers round the first clean cuts, Blades biting and biting the ripeContinue reading “Wheat Fields”


Labels What would we do without labels? A label for this, a label for that; Ah yes, now I know you, here’s your label, Friend, co-worker, awkward git, good sense of humour; And how would we shop without labels? Oh yes, I must have this one, but definitely not that one; Could our health systemContinue reading “Labels”

The Angry Men

The Angry Men The angry men swarmed across the Earth, Cawing with their fractious voices, Driven by their untamed hearts, Lustful in their greedy nature, Filled with perfidious self-doubts, Friends with fulsome fear. The angry men ignore Earth’s grace, Sucking the lands dry, Seizing their false birthright, Wealth their unholy credo, Filled with well disguisedContinue reading “The Angry Men”

The Offering

The Offering Sacred invocations gently calling, Sculpted ebony hands, clasped prayer like, Tribal keepers of lore, wisdom and love. Voices awash with ancient memories, Earth pulse, effortless dancing, raptured chants, Forgotten time, forgotten self, home again. Love woven hearts in blissful surrender, Earthy fragrant aroma melts their minds, Naught but this, naught but complete releaseContinue reading “The Offering”