Ancestral Voices

Ancestral Voices This living tradition, Contains no mystery, No secrets, nothing hidden, All is as it is. As we dance in morning mist, Songs of our ancestors weave, Our sacred unfolding path, Breath of life, living gods. For our poor limited minds, Dreams challenge and remind us, To tread with care, To live with respect.Continue reading “Ancestral Voices”


Mystery Lost, lost in the Mystery, Neither known, nor unknown, Invoking long sought secrets. Bliss, mysterious bliss of life, Neither living, nor dying, Humbling our mindful awareness. Chants, sacred chants arise, Neither memorable, nor forgettable, Guiding, tempting, revealing. Light, mystical light infuses, Neither luminous, nor dim, Enveloping and blessing us all. © David R. Durham


Standing Where I Once Stood I Standing where I once stood, once larked, Fresh in youthful eyes and heart, Exuberant games with friendly faces, The only faces I had known, experienced, Navigating the native neighborhoods, Fragile recall. Mind’s tainted eye. Homespun stories turn the wheel of life, Measured by ticking clock’s pulse? Or valued byContinue reading “Standing”

Love Held Tight

Love Held Tight With love held tight in hearts embrace, Would’st the scent of love be enough, Should a whisper fulfill our finest grace, Or will full storm of voices be raised, With longing left far behind on shrinking shore, ‘Till neither you nor I falter in hesitant dark, And all our days they flowerContinue reading “Love Held Tight”

Three Worlds

Three Worlds Love inspired magical voices chant, Meeting place of earth and sky, drumming finds, Resonant core rhythm, seed and amplify, Nascent spirit’s dance, loosen mind’s tight grip, Rippling songs strip blinkered eyes doubts. Inviting ocean of love, which speaks and, Knows our names, convulse viscerally to, Still point in salvation’s ravenous breath, Collapse terrifiedContinue reading “Three Worlds”


Remembrance Flickering movies on mind’s eye, Some sprinkled with fear, Some bubbling with joy. Are you living through memory? To make sense of these words, To make sense of your world. Bold, brave biographies, Re-told to suit your pleasures, Re-told to avoid your pains. Built moment by moment, Your past lives your present, Your ancestorsContinue reading “Remembrance”

Ancient Prayers

Ancient Prayers Pungent incense adorns austere vestments, Aching knees, silent witnesses, testify, Propitiate holy separation’s torments. Dust hovers, swirls, dances in sunlit shafts, Children yawn, babies doze, angel’s smiles, Pungent incense adorns austere vestments. Liturgy, elegant life giving river, Evaporating desires, cleanse souls, Propitiate holy separation’s torments. Sacred rite, gifted ancient tradition, Well loved, humblyContinue reading “Ancient Prayers”

The Offering

The Offering Sacred invocations gently calling, Sculpted ebony hands, clasped prayer like, Tribal keepers of lore, wisdom and love. Voices awash with ancient memories, Earth pulse, effortless dancing, raptured chants, Forgotten time, forgotten self, home again. Love woven hearts in blissful surrender, Earthy fragrant aroma melts their minds, Naught but this, naught but complete releaseContinue reading “The Offering”