O’ Bag a Bones

O’ Bag a Bones O’ bag a bones does thou lie t’ me? Now I recognise thee on waking, thee I Know, Does’t thou recognise waking me? O’ bag a bones thy life so fancy, thy story Well told, again and again thy rymes unfold, each Passing second, each fanciful hour thy Tale weaves anotherContinue reading “O’ Bag a Bones”


Time Has no edges, stacked, unstacked, leave behind, Now moving ahead, we flow unconsciously. No way to change direction, we imagine other Paths, dream in vain of other happier times. Onward tumbling we go, no rest or pause, A parachutist’s committed descent, body And soul, until Death adds a final full-stop, Untwined once more, tinyContinue reading “Time”

Winter Reeds

The Words Come Softly The words come softly; At the break of the day. The words come softly; And speak of fears they want to slay. The words come softly; Union is forever they say. The words come softly; Who’s words, who’s thoughts come today? The words come softly; When Spirit comes our way. TheContinue reading “Winter Reeds”