Everyday Ritual

Everyday Ritual The cups are neatly stacked, Soft flowing handles in line, In kettle’s blue light, eddies Of water, shimmer and dance, promising dark pleasures. Unswirled, rich aroma, Now delving, scooping, deep brown Granules, measuring right Taste, imagined memory, Guiding mysterious ritual. © David R. Durham


Standing Where I Once Stood I Standing where I once stood, once larked, Fresh in youthful eyes and heart, Exuberant games with friendly faces, The only faces I had known, experienced, Navigating the native neighborhoods, Fragile recall. Mind’s tainted eye. Homespun stories turn the wheel of life, Measured by ticking clock’s pulse? Or valued byContinue reading “Standing”

Love Held Tight

Love Held Tight With love held tight in hearts embrace, Would’st the scent of love be enough, Should a whisper fulfill our finest grace, Or will full storm of voices be raised, With longing left far behind on shrinking shore, ‘Till neither you nor I falter in hesitant dark, And all our days they flowerContinue reading “Love Held Tight”