Silent Observer


Silent Observer
Rippling, ripping past yarns,
Bubbling, blissful anger,
Bustling, breaking on my mind’s shore.

Needling my past to see my future,
Believing my beliefs hides new truth,
Understanding is limiting my experience.

Healing, nothing to do with fixing things,
Living, learning to dance with a broken leg,
Human being, exploding across the night sky of consciousness.

© David R. Durham

4 thoughts on “Silent Observer

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Barry.

      I’d like to add how much I’ve enjoyed following your blog, I salute your courage and determination to follow your path.

      Best Wishes,


  1. Heavens David, I’ve read your reply several times and thought wow how humbling, how humbling indeed.

    That said; I have no idea how you’re able to create a blog like the one you’ve created, it blows me away every time I visit because its so full of complex, highly informed yet highly welcoming energy.

    Please keep doing what you’re doing, because it certainly ticks all the boxes for me, sincere regards, Barry

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