Ghost from the past,
Tease and persuade me,
With histories so devious and bad.

Ghost in the machine,
Mystify and manipulate me,
With stories of us and of them.

Ghost of the future,
Flirt and fascinate me,
With fantasies of pleasure and joy.

© David R. Durham

8 thoughts on “Ghosts

      1. You are very welcome, David, but truly both are due to the beauty of your work.
        One of the wonderful effects of Project R is to introduce me to bloggers I may have not otherwise found – I have never realised the size of the blogosphere until I joined it myself.
        Whenever I get a like or a follow, I always return the visit, and am seldom disappointed.
        I think you may be the first photographer-poet for me to discover. I love this double-identity and look forward to reading/seeing more of your work.

        1. Viki,

          Thank you for your kind comments on my work.

          I agree, there are some amazing bloggers out there just waiting to be discovered.


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