Lay Down


Lay Down
Lay down; lay down my sleepy head,
As I lay down in this rag-tag field of reclusive dreams,
How long?
How long before this day is just a distant playful memory?

Lay down; lay down my grateful true and tested love,
As I unfold in this endless rolling breath of vibrant life,
How many?
How many lifetimes before Earth is just a ripple under shimmering stars?

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

Down By The River


Down By The River
Down by the river an old man sang,
His voice so full of life, one with tide.
He whistled ancient tunes, calling
His soul back home, borne on wind and stars.

Down by the river, old women sang,
Their voices full of family love.
They hummed ancient lullabies, soft
And gentle, guiding their children home.

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

The Beast


The Beast
Beast sighs,
Menacing deep snarl.
Fear ripples through sinewed
Taught jaw and clenched teeth.
Inhibited anger emerges, twists, cries out,
Out of reason’s insane shadow.
See, whispers the Beast,
No more illusions.
All is

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

Your Eyes


Your Eyes
Momentary stolen glances,
Mythic tales in your eyes;
So powerful, so refined.

Yearning to reach you,
Passion’s dancing flame;
So powerful, so sublime.

Your gaze turns inward,
Deep run your memories;
So powerful, so benign.

In our eternal meeting,
Our souls united again;
So powerful, so divine.

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

Sacred Internment

Church 3

Sacred Internment
Whom do we bury?
Under these daisy scattered fields,
A friend, a loved one, an acquaintance so slim.

What do we bury?
Under these raven scattered skies,
A smile, a birthday party, a look so grim.

Why do we bury?
Under these grief scattered feelings,
A doubt, an innocent secret, a lost tearful sin.

When do we bury?
Under these fear scattered lives,
A dream, a longing for love, a hope so dim.

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.

War Memorial

War Memorial WM

War Memorial
How deep? How deep this blackness? Beyond our
Fragile beating heart’s memory, down into the
Black ocean of our mortal sorrows, long
Past ancestral reckoning; horrific.

His eyes bore great sadness, under
Their manly smiles, fleeting moments
Of distance, moments lost in tempest,
Dark ripples, unresolved anger.

Respectable men smile knowingly,
Their deceitful eyes lower
To innocent victims, in mock
Remorse. Gluttony triumphant again.

Patter cake, patter cake her
Childhood rhymes rang, gently, in
Half remembered dreams. Her
Limb torn anguish, blood soaked.

We fall at the feet of
Man-made gods weeping, then
Blessing. We survived,
Others stain war worn earth.

Voices fall silent,
Promise betrayed.
Angry battles rage,
Of hells they are made.

Reason lays in tatters,
Disheveled victim.
Unblinking fear. Terror
Driven insanity.

It seems, there is. It cannot
Be, yet there it is, they,
They must be wrong, the reports
Must be completely wrong.

Fear grips feeble minds, grief gashed hearts,
Fires rage, until our world burns.
Out of these lifeless ashes,
Desolation kindles new dreams.

When upon fair Earth we shall find bold
Strength; real honor; new humanity.
And cast aside vile tools of raging
Hate, lustful greed and shameful lies.

And songs will arise in our hearts, not in
lament, but borne out of life’s precious joy.
Destiny greeted beneath moon and stars.
Awaken in love’s full bloom, home at last.

© David R. Durham, All Rights Reserved.



Lost, lost in the Mystery,
Neither known, nor unknown,
Invoking long sought secrets.

Bliss, mysterious bliss of life,
Neither living, nor dying,
Humbling our mindful awareness.

Chants, sacred chants arise,
Neither memorable, nor forgettable,
Guiding, tempting, revealing.

Light, mystical light infuses,
Neither luminous, nor dim,
Enveloping and blessing us all.

© David R. Durham


Wood Sculpture WM

Bird Song
A light dust hovers round chanting hoe,
Warm earth, strong hand and eye, furrowed
Brow; deep concentration. Evening
Sunlit haze, thrushes’ song brushes past
Engrossed mind, hearts intertwining,
Spirit to spirit, sweetest union.

© David R. Durham


Shopping2 WM

Did you move because of it?
Did you get up and leave your
Welcome bed? Your hearth so warm,
Your lover so near and dear.

Did it tempt you again with sweet
Promises of tomorrow?
Tomorrow so new, so bright,
Seducing your heart and sight.

Did you know, did you know the
Fair price you would have to pay?
If you did, would you do it
Anyway? Any time, night or day.

And all of this, if all of
This World could be yours? Would you
Clasp it? Would you love it? Could
You take the pain of it all?

© David R. Durham